This is my story. . .this is my song!

MCpostIn 2003, while pursuing a call to full-time missions work, I received terrifying news. I froze and seemed to lose all sense of hearing, as the doctor proceeded to tell me I had advanced lung cancer. I was given a 3% chance of survival. At that moment nothing made sense. Fear gripped my heart to the point I felt that I could not breathe. The only thing that kept me was knowing that my God loved me and had a plan for my future.

My journey took me to MD Anderson Cancer Center where I began a battle for my life. For 11 years I passed through the hallways. But, I did not walk alone. Not only was my life filled with tremendous people, including my husband, but the Lord walked with me. Even when I was too sick to know, He held my heart and faith.

At the end of this battle, I look back and marvel at how much He was there! God provided a way for John and I to continue our work in missions with greater passion and knowledge of who He is.

Last week I sat with the doctors once again, but this time received good news! All reports were clear! Tumor gone! No reoccurring disease! A miracle! It’s taken time for John and I to arrive at this place of victory and witness the miraculous work of God in my life!

Today I am convince more than ever that God is. . . for us . . . with us. . . in us. . . around us. . . in front of us. . . behind us. . . loving us. . . and fighting for us. We just need to choose HIM!

HE REIGNS OVER ALL THE EARTH. . . and over ALL my life! I surrender all to HIM!

The gospel is being heard around the world and in some cases for the first time! We’ve been given a great opportunity on this journey to be a part of introducing others to Christ worldwide. John and I have committed our days and efforts to being a part of a ministry that is doing just that, introducing people to Christ!

Thank you for being one of those who have fought the fight with us thorough prayer and support! Love to you!