happythanksgivingbannerDear Friend, Family and Mission Partners,

This has been a incredible year of traveling far and wide to share with our churches, as well as meeting some of you for the first time! We are so GRATEFUL for the support we have received from so many of you towards our missions work. Your giving is making a difference

This coming January, I will be traveling to Chile to help complete the new phase of construction at the Santiago Children’s Ministries Outreach Center. This new addition will accommodate many more children.

God continues to perform miracle after miracle through SCMOC, which is one of Builders International’s current construction developments. Children are rescued from despairing life situations, then provided with a lasting hope and an everlasting future, as a result of the effectiveness of this brick and mortar project!

Their own home, the place you would expect them to be the safest, is actually the most threatening place for many of these children. Raised by prostitutes, drug dealers, addicts, and gang members, many of these children have no idea which “John” fathered them.

SCMOC is unique in that it is a church that grew out of a children’s ministry. While ministering to children, the families begin coming in with their children and receiving Jesus! It has gradually expanded from a children’s ministry outreach, to a church, and soon to include a school as well.

Playing with a little neighbor girl one day in the shack where he lived with his drug dealing, squatter parents, four-year-old Victor suddenly had a gun pointing right at him. His little friend found it lying around, and she playfully pulled the trigger . . . CLICK, nothing happened! Victor explained the incident nonchalantly, but the reality is that drug dealers’ guns are always loaded! GOD HAS A PLAN FOR VICTOR!

Pastor Danny (of SCMOC) discovered that little Victor’s father was abusing him sexually. The four-yearold was removed from the home, and placed in foster care. Eventually, Victor was adopted by a family in the church.

Countless children like Victor wander day and night on the treacherous streets of Santiago. Your faithful support has helped to bring about a positive change in the lives of many at-risk children in Chile!
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