Santiago Children’s Outreach Ministry Center (SCOMC)

For some time I have been looking forward to working on the Santiago Children’s Outreach Ministry Center (SCOMC) in Chile. In preparing for this trip there have been different barriers to overcome, even up to the day of my departure when an ice storm hit. I was delayed a bit more, but arrived in time.

We at Builders International have partnered with missionaries, like the Mazurek’s in Chile, to assist in completing necessary facilities that will bring further influence of the gospel. Lives are being changed by the diligence and commitment of many.

The team from Oak Creek Assembly of God, WI was prepared to dive into the work of concrete mixing and finishing. The ladies faithfully primed and painted steel beams that would be used throughout the roof structure. The men alternated working on high scaffolding to building and setting up concrete forms. Some proceeded to pour the concrete beams, while others worked on completing the concrete floor in the basement.

The SCOMC under Mazurek’s leadership is successfully rescuing children at risk. The school is providing education, training, and a loving environment. We are believing for revival in the families of Santiago through the changed lives at SCOMC. Please believe with us and be a part of building this needed facility.

I’m currently scheduling construction teams to complete the multi-purpose building, the three-story school, and finally the parking with an upper level exercise area. Please partner with us through going or giving and be a part of the miracle. -John Sims


happythanksgivingbannerDear Friend, Family and Mission Partners,

This has been a incredible year of traveling far and wide to share with our churches, as well as meeting some of you for the first time! We are so GRATEFUL for the support we have received from so many of you towards our missions work. Your giving is making a difference

This coming January, I will be traveling to Chile to help complete the new phase of construction at the Santiago Children’s Ministries Outreach Center. This new addition will accommodate many more children.

God continues to perform miracle after miracle through SCMOC, which is one of Builders International’s current construction developments. Children are rescued from despairing life situations, then provided with a lasting hope and an everlasting future, as a result of the effectiveness of this brick and mortar project!

Their own home, the place you would expect them to be the safest, is actually the most threatening place for many of these children. Raised by prostitutes, drug dealers, addicts, and gang members, many of these children have no idea which “John” fathered them.

SCMOC is unique in that it is a church that grew out of a children’s ministry. While ministering to children, the families begin coming in with their children and receiving Jesus! It has gradually expanded from a children’s ministry outreach, to a church, and soon to include a school as well.

Playing with a little neighbor girl one day in the shack where he lived with his drug dealing, squatter parents, four-year-old Victor suddenly had a gun pointing right at him. His little friend found it lying around, and she playfully pulled the trigger . . . CLICK, nothing happened! Victor explained the incident nonchalantly, but the reality is that drug dealers’ guns are always loaded! GOD HAS A PLAN FOR VICTOR!

Pastor Danny (of SCMOC) discovered that little Victor’s father was abusing him sexually. The four-yearold was removed from the home, and placed in foster care. Eventually, Victor was adopted by a family in the church.

Countless children like Victor wander day and night on the treacherous streets of Santiago. Your faithful support has helped to bring about a positive change in the lives of many at-risk children in Chile!
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Reaching The Amazon . . . Brazil

When you think of the number 300, your mind may travel back to a moment in history where battles were fought and won against great odds. Today, deep in the Amazon of Brazil, the number 300 represents the number of tribal groups that are still unreached for Christ. We are joining with our missionaries in Brazil in an endeavor to construct facilities that will assist the national leadership in reaching these tribal groups.


“God has given us a vision to build 100 churches along the Amazon River and tributaries. So far 71 churches have been built. These buildings are pre-fabricated metal structures, metal roof and adobe brick walls. The structure measures 26ft X 56ft, and will seat 150 people.” – Mark Lemos, Missionary

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New Church In The Amazon!

Mexico, Morelia  Bible Institute

The Bajio District is the least evangelized area of all Mexico. It is sometimes referred to as the Heart of Darkness with less than 2% evangelical Christian. Church planting is difficult because we do not have enough pastors to help us raise up new churches. The Morelia Bible School will teach and train new pastors and workers from the Bajio District of Mexico.

Without the attention and support of people called by God to help carry out the plan Jesus announced to his listeners that day, the assembling together of those millions would be left to meeting in makeshift shelters, tents, small homes, corn fields, and in public park settings. – Doug Clay, General Treasurer

FullSizeRender-2special word of thanks goes to Oak Ceek AG of Wisconsin who worked hard with two teams back to back. They came alongside this Strategic Project, serving both in construction and ministry, making a great impact to this area of Mexico.

For information about this project, visit: Builders International Projects


Rahab Foundation Safe – House Shelter for Victims of Human Trafficking Costa Rica, Central America


An incredible ministry opportunity is underway, by Assemblies of God World Missionaries. Four months ago, in partnership with the Costa Rican Rahab Foundation (NGO), new construction began on the very first government-recognized, safe-house shelter for victims of human trafficking. Let me take a moment to tell you just one of the reasons why this is a vital ministry.

At just 17 years old, young Mariel (name changed for protection) was presented with the promise of a job that she so desperately needed. Unfortunately, she did not realize that she was being lured into a trap. She would later be held captive and forced into the world of human trafficking.

Using false documents, her captor moved her from Costa Rica across the border to Nicaragua, Guatemala, and then on to Honduras, where she would be used for the sole purpose of sexual exploitation.

Mariel was beaten and raped over the next two months by her kidnapper. He even threatened to kill her family if she tried to escape.  

Terrified, broken, and helpless, she wanted to die. She once put a knife to her throat, but could not bring herself to take her own life.

Mariel continually complained of an ear infection, in hopes that her kidnapper would take her to a clinic. He finally did; and while in the exam room alone with the doctor, she was able to confide in him about her situation. The doctor quickly called in authorities, and the captor was arrested!

Mariel was assured that he would be put away for a long time, only to find out he was released after three short months! She hasn’t seen or heard from him; but he has likely returned to his normal pattern of kidnapping, beating, and raping girls in preparation for the terror of the sex trafficking industry.

Although Mariel has now found help at the Rahab Foundation’s day facility program in Costa Rica, she sees her captor’s face every day when she looks at her son . . . the son of her exploiter.

Sex tourism is a severe problem in Costa Rica, with most of the sex tourists coming in from the United States and Europe. According to the Rahab Foundation, exploitation “recruitment,” begins around the age of 14.

Because of incredible answers to prayer, the Rahab Foundation has developed close ties with local police and government, and is now building the safe-house shelter for adult and minor victims of human trafficking (labor- and sex- related).

Once the shelter is complete, victims can expect to receive medical care, vocational training, tutoring, counseling with licensed professionals, legal assistance, weekly discipleship encouragement, and so much more. Currently they are offering services at their day facility, but cannot offer safety and security for them throughout the night.

The goal? Building a place where young women discover what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as a place where they can find freedom, hope, and restoration.

Ministry in Latin America – Current Projects

We have the privilege of working together with missionaries serving with Latin America ChildCare, who are dedicated to transforming the lives of needy children with the Good News of Jesus Christ through education and ministries of compassion.

DSC00145CIENAGA LAC SCHOOL This school and its process of development to the point of now sustaining 620 students. Cienaga is a banana farming and fishermen community of 100,000 people with an average income of $308 per month. The next phase of development includes building and equipping a third and final level of the school to increase  its capacity by 200 student.

Chlean boys

SANTIAGO CHILDREN’S MINISTRY  This new facilities include a church, a school, an athletic area, and the offices. Santiago Children’s Ministries serves this city of 6.5 million people in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, hot meals, educational reinforcement, rescue from child prostitution, shelter, medical and foster care.

UnknownMORE KITCHENS IN MATAMOROS This project is a direct response to the city leaders’ cry for help from the church community to help feed hungry children. There are currently 104,000 children in the Matamoros school system, and 70% of them come to school hungry. This is a partnership program between local churches who provide volunteer labor and the DIF (Department of Integration of the Family) who provides the food.