Helping Hands In The Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) are two groups of islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of the Bahamas, northwest of Puerto Rico and north of Haiti. They’re are eight main islands and 299 smaller islands. TCI is a part of the Commonwealth of England so, when you arrive you will find everyone driving on the wrong side of the road.😊 The extreme beauty of the islands has brought a rapid growth in tourism.

On the island of Providenciales, many migrant workers have come from the surrounding countries in the Caribbean in search of work. Many Haitian’s came at the time of the 2010 earthquake. Pastor Bradley of Community Fellowship Center had a vision and a plan to see the people coming to the shores of Turks and Caicos Islands reached for Christ.


The family roots of Pastor Bradley go back for generations in the TCI. If you travel with him, it’s not long before you realize everybody on the island knows him. His influence has helped establish the civil laws for the TCI and brought education opportunities. When you hear the testimony of how God moved in his father’s life, it’s evident God began something years ago to establish him in a key place of bringing hope to many nations in the islands.

The Sunday we shared with Community Fellow Center, thirteen countries were recognized and celebrated as a part of the church. We had the privilege of tasting authentic food from every nation so proudly represented! We were honored to pray with the first appointed female governess (Premier) over Turks and Caicos.

Monday morning the work began as the team laid block for the new bathrooms that will serve the 200 children in the elementary school and the Caribbean School of Theology.

A97I7742Hurricane Harvey did its damage throughout the islands in August of 2017. We finished painting the main sanctuary ceiling of the new roof. Additional plans where then made to complete the new Creole church currently reaching out to 200 members. Many of these families arrived in Providenciales in search of relief and hope, leaving loved ones behind. I am grateful to have been a small part of this trip in helping further the work of Community Fellowship Center.


MY TESTIMONY –  It’d been some time sense I’d had the opportunity to travel on a work team with John. I wasn’t sure what I would be useful for. To my amazement the opportunities to serve were endless. Meal prep, painting, serving water, shoveling mortar, moving chairs, playing with children, praying with and encouraging ladies, and much more. But even in the midst of the sweet fellowship and team work, God lets you know He see the troubles you carry deep in your heart. One day I’d finished preparing the lunch with Pastor Rachael. I said good-bye and left, only to realize I’d left my backpack in the school lunch room. When I returned, Pastor Rachael responded with enthusiasm. She asked about my health and said God had told her to pray for me. We shared a great time of prayer and dreams. God always knows!


  • NORTH TEXAS TEAM – Three churches joined together to make up a team of four pastors and wives, a plumber, general contractor, two teachers and a military veteran. 
  • THANKFUL – We are so thankful for everyone of them. They made a difference!
  • AND. . . one photographer/videographer!



Turks & Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) of the Caribbean have remained somewhat obscure to the outside world until the `80s when tourism investment began to come to the Islands. With the prospects of employment people immigrated there from nearby island countries. TCI is an English speaking country, but growing with Creole and Spanish speakers, estimating between 17,000 – 30,000. Superintendent Pastor Bradley saw that God was bringing people to their shores who could be reached for Christ. It was evident as we visited the project sites that the leadership had one passion in front of them, to take advantage of the moment to share the gospel of Christ.

On my recent visit to TCI with a group of North TX Pastors, we set our goal to best determine how we could partner with this growing work.

The current Creole congregation lost its complete roof structure in the storm. That did not deter them. They set about building the concrete second floor which, is now ready for walls. At the same time properties for the new Spanish church and a secondary English speaking location have been acquired.

The TCI church is alive and moving forward. Builders International is partnering with the Turks and Caicos church in this effort and is currently scheduling construction teams. Please refer to our website for more opportunity to be a part. – John Sims


It is always a joy to work and serve in the country of Cuba. I find over and over, whether on the coast or in the city with a project, the churches have a consistent passion for Christ.

On this recent trip to Cuba, I was privileged to host a team from James River Church. In the town of Yaguajay the JRC team worked together with the church to start the process of building a new dinning hall and dorm that will serve the churches in the area.

Together everyone worked hard. The daily work included demolitions, sanding, painting, digging footers, hauling materials, and mixing concrete, while working in the rain.

We had an unexpected awesome surprise when some members of the church provided antique Chevys as daily transportation to and from the project.  There was a beautiful 1952 with original motor, a ’56, and my favorite year, a ’57 Chevy Belair. What a treat!

Escorted to church and the project in style!

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House church in Cuba!

IMG_7892 2

IMG_7897 2

Dinner is served!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Amazon 100

AJR_8106HOME OF THE LARGEST NUMBER OF UNCONTACTED TRIBES IN THE WORLD, Brazil’s remote and vast Amazon region has extremely limited contact with the outside world. They survive in nearly COMPLETE ISOLATION from the global industrial economy!

Many of the tribes in this part of the world are difficult to reach. The dense growth of trees, plants, and thick underbrush discourages passage by outsiders and affords strict territorial practices for villages that fear intrusion of any kind. In order to protect their borders, they go so far as to kill those who dare intrude. Because of the great number of settlements within these controlled boundaries, there are naturally many different languages, most having no written languages.

Even the government has laws restricting some areas, which prohibit missionaries from approaching the inhabitants of certain villages. BUT GOD IS MAKING A WAY for reaching this primitive society! “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” [Matthew 19:26]

Andy Raatz, Director of AGWM Communications, shared two dramatic cases in Worldview Magazine [Volume 2, June 2016]:

Raatz tells of Edgardo Chung, who had fallen gravely ill after working as a drug runner for Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel. Through divine intervention things began to happen. A witch doctor gave him a radio with ritual chants recorded on a cassette tape. Edgardo became frustrated when the tape player wouldn’t work, so he smacked it, causing it to switch to a Christian radio station. At that moment, the preacher said, “If anyone listening has a terminal illness, Jesus Christ can change your life and heal you!” Edgardo ultimately found an AG church, was saved, and was miraculously healed! Today, he pastors a church of nearly 100 families among one of those tribes!

Andy Raatz gave another wonderful example of how God opened doors to a village, in spite of cultural barriers and government laws, for a young Brazilian woman named Elizabeth Vencio. Because of the disturbing rate of suicides occurring among the young in their village, the leaders sought government help in establishing education for their children. Elizabeth had spent many years preparing to reach a hidden tribe for Christ, topping out with an advanced degree in linguistics. Sometime later, she would be a perfect match for that village’s need. According to Raatz, after only five years of Elizabeth’s ministry, over half of the previously unreached people group was saved!

Director Raatz’s accounts of Edgardo and Elizabeth are an encouraging part of the history of how God remembers the seemingly-forgotten people living in this largest river basin on earth.

Assemblies of God missionaries, Mark and Helba Lemos, have a vision for bringing these indigenous people the Gospel by building 100 churches (and beyond) along the rivers and tributaries.

So far, 81 churches have already been built! These buildings are prefabricated metal structures, with metal roof and adobe brick walls. They measure 26 X 56 feet, and will seat 150 people.

We at Builders International are helping with the logistics for team efforts to build churches in this part of the world. Team members who join this adventure will boat in and live on a riverboat for a week while doing construction!

From Builders International Direct Mailer

PANAMA – Equipping Leaders, Training Teachers, Providing Resources!

I just returned from the country of Panama where Pastor Mike Mizell and I had the opportunity to  view the current construction needs of the LATIN AMERICA RESOURCE AND TRAINING CENTER (LARTC). During our visit we were hosted by three missionary families, the  Boyd’s, the Morales, and the Bell’s. Each one of them did an outstanding job of hosting and transporting us about, while explaining the history, culture, and vision of the Panamanian church.

Each missionary shared with us their story and vision for Panama. It was easy to pick up on the common goal they all carried in their hearts to reach Panama by depositing everything they have.

One stop was the Panama Canal. We observed massive cargo ships from all over the world making their passage. Each one contained valuable payloads that would profit other places. Unlike the passing ships, the missionaries have made lifelong investments, trusting it will render a harvest that will go beyond them reaching generations for Christ.

The Panama church is growing and using education to reach their country for Christ. We visited a number of LACC education facilities. You couldn’t help but be moved by the sacrificial dedication of the directors and teachers towards their students.

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Santiago Children’s Outreach Ministry Center (SCOMC)

For some time I have been looking forward to working on the Santiago Children’s Outreach Ministry Center (SCOMC) in Chile. In preparing for this trip there have been different barriers to overcome, even up to the day of my departure when an ice storm hit. I was delayed a bit more, but arrived in time.

We at Builders International have partnered with missionaries, like the Mazurek’s in Chile, to assist in completing necessary facilities that will bring further influence of the gospel. Lives are being changed by the diligence and commitment of many.

The team from Oak Creek Assembly of God, WI was prepared to dive into the work of concrete mixing and finishing. The ladies faithfully primed and painted steel beams that would be used throughout the roof structure. The men alternated working on high scaffolding to building and setting up concrete forms. Some proceeded to pour the concrete beams, while others worked on completing the concrete floor in the basement.

The SCOMC under Mazurek’s leadership is successfully rescuing children at risk. The school is providing education, training, and a loving environment. We are believing for revival in the families of Santiago through the changed lives at SCOMC. Please believe with us and be a part of building this needed facility.

I’m currently scheduling construction teams to complete the multi-purpose building, the three-story school, and finally the parking with an upper level exercise area. Please partner with us through going or giving and be a part of the miracle. -John Sims


happythanksgivingbannerDear Friend, Family and Mission Partners,

This has been a incredible year of traveling far and wide to share with our churches, as well as meeting some of you for the first time! We are so GRATEFUL for the support we have received from so many of you towards our missions work. Your giving is making a difference

This coming January, I will be traveling to Chile to help complete the new phase of construction at the Santiago Children’s Ministries Outreach Center. This new addition will accommodate many more children.

God continues to perform miracle after miracle through SCMOC, which is one of Builders International’s current construction developments. Children are rescued from despairing life situations, then provided with a lasting hope and an everlasting future, as a result of the effectiveness of this brick and mortar project!

Their own home, the place you would expect them to be the safest, is actually the most threatening place for many of these children. Raised by prostitutes, drug dealers, addicts, and gang members, many of these children have no idea which “John” fathered them.

SCMOC is unique in that it is a church that grew out of a children’s ministry. While ministering to children, the families begin coming in with their children and receiving Jesus! It has gradually expanded from a children’s ministry outreach, to a church, and soon to include a school as well.

Playing with a little neighbor girl one day in the shack where he lived with his drug dealing, squatter parents, four-year-old Victor suddenly had a gun pointing right at him. His little friend found it lying around, and she playfully pulled the trigger . . . CLICK, nothing happened! Victor explained the incident nonchalantly, but the reality is that drug dealers’ guns are always loaded! GOD HAS A PLAN FOR VICTOR!

Pastor Danny (of SCMOC) discovered that little Victor’s father was abusing him sexually. The four-yearold was removed from the home, and placed in foster care. Eventually, Victor was adopted by a family in the church.

Countless children like Victor wander day and night on the treacherous streets of Santiago. Your faithful support has helped to bring about a positive change in the lives of many at-risk children in Chile!
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