Far, Far, Away…

When your heart is consumed with a passion for missions, it can be frustrating when confronted with closed borders. With restrictions on travel it can seem nearly impossible to continue your missions work…or is it? This was how we felt at the beginning of March this year.

The Dilemma.

What do you do when faced with a global pandemic

Builders International construction teams missions trips are a vital part to the work. Not only are the lives of team members impacted, but the work itself is advanced for our missionary and national partners building places where people find hope!

With borders closed our projects no longer had the huge resource of teams, which brings physical labor, as well as project funding for construction materials.

The Answer to the Dilemma.

This is where the strength of our amazing network pulls together. In the middle of this global pandemic, churches have continued to send the construction funds needed, so materials could still be purchased and local labor hired. Our missionary and national church partners have been able to keep the work moving forward.

Because of this, great things are taking place this month!

Berea ChildHope School – Zacapa, Guatemala
Church #103 – Amazon River, Brazil
Church #1 – Flor de Maroñas, Uruguay

God Always Makes A Way!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Often I am reminded of the missionary work of Andrew van der Bijl, also known as Brother Andrew, the founder of Open Doors. During the Cold War, he traveled to the Soviet Union in a Volkswagen Beetle to encourage Christians who were living under great persecution. He smuggled Bibles into communist countries, earning him the name, Gods Smuggler.

If we have no eye for the lost around us, how can we then ever have God’s love for the people far away?

Because no one ever becomes a missionary by crossing the ocean. You are a missionary here or you’re not a missionary.

– Brother Andrew

We are very thankful to be a part of the Builders team and to all who have partnered together with us to bring HOPE to communities around the world, by assisting the national church with their construction needs.

I have committed in my heart, whether here or across the ocean, to share the love of God daily with those around me.

And together, we will build places where people find hope!

Deborah and John Sims

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