About Us

John and Deborah have served in missions for the past 26 years. They began their work in the country of Guatemala, where they worked in evangelism and church planting. Much of their work took them to romote villages, prisons, schools, and places where the greatest need for the gospel exsisted. They helped build a Bibles school in Chiqimulia, Guatemala, which served as a training center for pastors, reaching as far as Honduras.

In 1996 they excpected the pastoral position at Antigua International Community Church, where they pastored for two years developing a ministry outreach center.

The last 20 years they’ve served as AGWM appointed missionaries. They are currently Regional Project Managers for Latin America/Caribbean with Builders International/MAPS Construction, assisting missionaries with their building needs.

Every 45 minutes a new Assemblies of God church is planted around the world, that is over 11,000 churches per year!As Project Managers, they assist in the building of Bible schools, churches and training facilities that help meet the needs of this rapid church growth.

Their work is in the areas of project management, on-site project assessment, team leading, project awareness and development of training facilities that will carry the Gospel to the nations. Deborah also works as the Lead Visual Communications Designer, helping bring project awareness and development through visual communications.

The Sims have served over 26 years as missionaries to Latin America in church planting, evangelism, pastoring, and building, giving them a wealth of knowledge and experience to help facilitate reaching the lost.

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