On Track!!

In the midst of war, sickness, and the many troubles that exist in our world today, HOPE is not lost!

It’s been amazing to work with God’s people and projects moving forward. Yes, we are on track!!

Funds have been raised and teams are going to help complete the Marriage and Family Counseling Center in El Salvador! Watch the rafters go up >>> https://vimeo.com/705440977

The purchase of property for the new Antigua Youth Ministry Center, on the island of Antigua, is on the verge of completion!! Building will begin this year, with the goal of reaching the island’s large population of young adults.

Teams are headed to the Bahamas, Panama, Honduras, as countries are opening up.

One project that is especially exciting to me, and an honor to be a part of, is Hope for Uruguay 100. In November of 2020, Builders International partnered with the missionary and national church with a goal to build 100 churches. Pastors, congregations, and dedicated construction workers have steadily continued to build during the last two years. This week church #16 in Nuevo Paysandu, Uruguay is being dedicated!!

New Projects Coming!!

  • Costs Rica – Excitement is growing for the future project in Costa Rica. The site visit team made another stop today to look at an additional residential training campus. It’s been a great trip with this team that loves Jesus, loves missionaries, and coffee too.
  • Poland Refugee Housing – This is the building located in Katowice, Poland that will serve 200 Ukrainian refugees. It will be a place where many will find safety, security, and their most basic needs met.

Our AGWM missionary partners are working with Polish nationals to turn an empty office building into short-term housing for Ukrainian refugees to provide a warm and safe environment to live in as they escape war, then prepare to depart to other countries throughout Europe. 

While at the refugee center, Ukrainians will be loved and ministered to by missionaries and other Christians. This center will also help reduce the amount of human trafficking that is sadly happening during this crisis.

At Builders International, we are beginning to schedule teams now. Teams will fly into Krakow, Poland, and spend 8 or 9 days working at the refugee center. 

Interested? Call (417) 207-5753 john@buildersintl.org

Since January 2022, we have launched several new projects in the countries of: Egypt, Sri Lanka, Albania, and Bihar India. Please pray with us for these people, places, and projects around the World. Despite persecution and resistance, the gospel is still reaching the world and bringing HOPE!

Builders International RPM, Missionary

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