There are so many things to be thankful for this season, but one thing that stands out to us in a big way are the many teams that have traveled to the field. They are CHAMPIONS and CO-WORKERS. These teams have helped advance and complete many projects. We are so grateful for their hard work and sacrifice! Their builders footprint is making a difference and helping spread the gospel to the nations.

Another key part to our missions work involves finances. Many of you have partnered with us financially, also making it possible to advance and complete many of these projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. These projects consist of churches, schools, rescue centers, and church camps. With your financial help, the lives and futures of many are being changed.

Builders TEAMS in the Latin America and Caribbean Region! (LAC)

  • Bethel Temple – Cuba
  • Bethel Temple – Curacao
  • Faith Assembly, VT – Cuba
  • Lone Star Cowboy – Cuba
  • Oak Creek – Cuba
  • Oak Creek – Costa Rica
  • Cross Mountain – Cuba
  • Plain View 1st Assembly – Cuba
  • Faith Assembly, SC – Cuba
  • Hammonton Assembly – Dominican Republic
  • Evangel Assembly of God- Belize
  • Tomball Assembly of God – Belize
  • Needville Assembly of God – Belize
  • Evadale Assembly of God – Belize

Builders International Teams have also worked in Haiti, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico this last year!

Thank You!

This holiday season our family is especially grateful for all your faithful support this last year.

  • Thank you for your help in sending and going to the field!
  • Thank you for your prayers! We have been blessed with continued good health, a new daughter-in-law, and a college graduate.
  • Thank you for your financial support. Many needs have been met.
  • Thank you for allowing us to share about our missions work. We have been blessed on this itineration time.

We are looking forward to 2016! Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!  – John and Deborah

To Give Click Here THANK YOU!

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