Lifting Up His Name & Raising Up His Church – Los Palos


This past week in Los Palos, Cuba, two groups (nicknamed Team Wow) arrived from Vermont and Wisconsin to unseasonably heavy rains. Not exactly the conditions anticipated for the dry season by any of us. The opening Sunday service was electrified with excitement, as the church was full to overflowing. As the song, How Great Thou Art rang out; the congregation got on their feet and brought the rafters down. God’s glory rested on us all. The message from Nehemiah was exactly on target. Verses were read that described an impossible task, enemy attacks, courage, and faith. Focus and singleness of purpose were the word of the day. To the Israelites own surprise the project of Nehemiah was completed in 52 days. For Team Wow every morning was a one-hour prayer and praise trip to the project in the pouring rain. Each day as we arrived we watched the black clouds, heavy with rain divert around us. Nightfall brought a continued deluge of rain. The team and the Cubans put their hearts and souls into the work, pressing forward in the muck and humidity, trench by trench. Then we began the hand mixing and pouring of the concrete footings and piers. Eventually, the first pre-fab column and truss rose skyward, and shouts of praise went up. Now many wide eyed onlookers were gathering at the fence watching intently, as brothers of differing races, tongues, and nationalities worked together. Something that hadn’t been seen in a long time and perhaps ever by some was the miracle of a new church rising.

“God can work great miracles when His people resolve to be unselfish.” – Unknown

A special salute to Team Wow whom STAYED CALM AND CARRIED ON. The church at Los Palos thanks you and hope to see you at the dedication. – John Sims




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