Ethan and Meghan Sims’s Wedding


The moment finally came to celebrate the beginning of Ethan and Meghan’s journey to becoming husband and wife. An enchanting moment when a man and a woman become one. It was a moment we all met with great anticipation!

John was given the honor of performing the wedding vows! I fought tears of joy, with a heart full of gratitude, memories of the past, and dreams for the future. It was time to share a son, but to also gain a daughter!


We have prayed over the years for both sons, that God would bring them HIS choice for a spouse. July 2 our prayers were answered as Meghan walked down the aisle to meet Ethan.


I DO . . .  I DO!




I had my moment too!


And they had their dance!!!!!


THE END of the celebration and the beginning of a journey of marriage and love!


How did we come to this blessed day? As John and I pursued the calling God placed in our hearts years ago, never did we imagen the plans He had to include into our family two amazing women, Stephanie (Nate’s wife) and Meghan (Ethan’s) wife. I am so grateful for every miracle God has done in my health. I am so grateful for my sons, who love God first and then their families. Most of all I am grateful for my husband who has walked life’s journey with me through better or worse, richer or poor, and sickness or health. He as continually loved me! He has faithfully loved the Lord! And here is OUR FAMILY!


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