Reaching The Amazon . . . Brazil

When you think of the number 300, your mind may travel back to a moment in history where battles were fought and won against great odds. Today, deep in the Amazon of Brazil, the number 300 represents the number of tribal groups that are still unreached for Christ. We are joining with our missionaries in Brazil in an endeavor to construct facilities that will assist the national leadership in reaching these tribal groups.


“God has given us a vision to build 100 churches along the Amazon River and tributaries. So far 71 churches have been built. These buildings are pre-fabricated metal structures, metal roof and adobe brick walls. The structure measures 26ft X 56ft, and will seat 150 people.” – Mark Lemos, Missionary

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New Church In The Amazon!

Mexico, Morelia  Bible Institute

The Bajio District is the least evangelized area of all Mexico. It is sometimes referred to as the Heart of Darkness with less than 2% evangelical Christian. Church planting is difficult because we do not have enough pastors to help us raise up new churches. The Morelia Bible School will teach and train new pastors and workers from the Bajio District of Mexico.

Without the attention and support of people called by God to help carry out the plan Jesus announced to his listeners that day, the assembling together of those millions would be left to meeting in makeshift shelters, tents, small homes, corn fields, and in public park settings. – Doug Clay, General Treasurer

FullSizeRender-2special word of thanks goes to Oak Ceek AG of Wisconsin who worked hard with two teams back to back. They came alongside this Strategic Project, serving both in construction and ministry, making a great impact to this area of Mexico.

For information about this project, visit: Builders International Projects


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