Uruguay is one of the most stable countries economically and politically in Latin America, yet one of the hardest to reach with the gospel. It is the only atheistic country in the Americas and the only country in the world to have legalized abortion, same sex marriage, prostitution and marijuana. It has been called the most unevangelized nation in the Americas and the “Graveyard of Latin American Missions.” – Steve and Jill McCarthy, Missionaries to Uruguay


The popular consensus in our culture is that, “People can’t change.”

This is not to be confused with ‘won’t change’ or suddenly changing one’s mind on a stand they have held for a long time.

The Bible is full of true accounts of people changing. When we come to a full encounter with God’s love, we will without a doubt change.

In Uruguay as His church grows, and His people of faith spread the truth of His love, change is surely coming. Based on the change that this love is working in my life, I count it a joy to partner with Hope for Uruguay 100, and would like to invite you to join our team, or bring a team to build a church. You will experience being a part of this spiritually enriching change.

– John Sims

HELP build Uruguay 100!

Hope for Uruguay 100 is an initiative to build 100 churches in 10 years throughout Uruguay, which is known as one of the most unevangelized nations in the Americas. This project is an unprecedented opportunity with the national church, a passionate missionary, and Builders to double the number of churches. Cities with newly-planted churches and existing congregations, whose buildings are inadequate, will be blessed with a place of worship. In this collaboration, the local church purchases the property and completes the finish-work in the building, while churches and mission teams from the U.S. come alongside them to help provide the church facility.

A building adds immense value to a new congregation. It provides a central place within the community for evangelism, discipleship, worship, and fellowship. Needs are met, lives are changed, and families are transformed. Additionally, a new building also gives the pastor credibility within the community. We are partnering with local pastors and congregations to build needed structures, so the people of this atheistic nation of Uruguay may hear the life-transforming message of the Gospel. By collaborating with our missionaries and the national church, there is an opportunity to change a life, change a community, and provide a place to belong. Together, we build places where people find hope and see the Gospel spread throughout Uruguay.

“In all my travels, I have witnessed no greater spiritual desert than Uruguay.”  – DAVID WILKERSON, Founder of Times Square Church and Teen Challenge

BELIEVING for Uruguay!

GRATEFUL beyond measure!

  • Teams Going: We are grateful for the individuals that give up their one or two week vacation a year to go on a mission trip, spending their vacation dollars to travel.
  • Funds Given: We are grateful for the sacrifices made by so many individuals financially towards funding to complete projects.
  • Prayers Prayed: We are so grateful for the many that take time to make themselves familiar with the needs of each project and pray.
  • Sims Support: We are grateful for those that give faithfully finances to our work.

THANK you!

AGWM Uruguay and Montevideo.
The Cross of Carrasco AG church outside of Montevideo, Uruguay.

John Sims . 417-207-5753 . John@buildersintl.org

Join our Financial Support Team

Online giving visit: http://bit.ly/giving-sims
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Mail a check to:
Assemblies of God World Missions 
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