2020…To Latin America/Caribbean and Beyond!

This coming year we will be working on these amazing projects!

The Bahamas

On September 1, Hurricane Dorian, a category 5 hurricane swept across the Bahamas smashing communities in Grand Bahama and Abaco with 12 hours of sustained, 185 mph winds and a storm surge of 23 feet that delivered 4 feet of water more than five miles inland.

There were five Assembly of God churches on Abaco Island and five on Grand Bahama that were heavily damaged or destroyed from the most powerful storm recorded in the history of the small island nation.

People are suffering from the devastation resulting from the unrelenting fury of Hurricane Dorian. For the most part, they are still in a state of survival. At a time when people need the church more than ever, rebuilding is vital to these island communities.

We at Builders International sent an assessment team to Grand Bahama and Abaco and now we stands ready to host construction teams in January 2020 to help rebuild churches throughout the islands. 

1st Assembly of God, Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Hope For Uruguay 100

Hope for Uruguay 100 is an initiative to build 100 churches in 10 years throughout Uruguay, which is known as one of the most unevangelized nations in the Americas. This atheistic country has legalized prostitution, abortion, marijuana, and same-sex marriage! Hope for Uruguay 100 will bring hope to communities across this secular nation by providing permanent buildings for newly-planted churches.

A new church plant in Uruguay!
The night lights of Monte Video, Uruguay.

Berea ChildHope School

Many children in Zacapa, Guatemala suffer from the effects of extreme poverty and do not have access to basic education. There is a great need to provide a Christian education for the children in this area in order to break the cycle of poverty.

Children who attend this school will learn about God’s love and will be given the opportunity to excel in life. These at-risk children will be the next generation of Christian leaders in Guatemala and beyond.

The construction of Berea ChildHope school will benefit more than 500 children, bringing transformation to Zacapa and hope to the entire region.

Berea ChildHope School
Zacapa, Guatemala

Time To Celebrate In Belize!


In October of 2012 it all began! In the country of Belize, Mountian View Campground was more than an idea, the ground work had begun.

We are now celebrating the completion of many facilities used for the purpose of ministering to youth, children and families through camp revival and renewal!

Youth camp, children’s camp, family camp, women’s retreats and pastoral training are all happening at the Mountian View Campground.

Photo’s of the beginning!


Today Mountain View Assemblies of God Campground exists because of the many prayers, dedicated hard work, and sacrificial giving of those called to make a difference in Belize. We are grateful for the help and partnership of all those involved in making this more than just an idea.

THIS LAST YEAR in the ministry of Builders International!

Mountain View Campground is just one example of the many exciting things God is doing around the world through the construction ministry of Builders International. Because of your giving and volunteering, Builders International has had an impact in 10 countries in the last year. #BUILDING4LIFE #TOGETHERweSERVE

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17% TO GO!

CURRENT MINISTRY . . . Deborah and I serve as Regional Project Managers for the Latin America/ Caribbean Region with Builders International/MAPS Construction. As project managers, they assist in the building of Bible schools, churches, and training facilities that help meet the needs of rapid church growth in the LAC Region. Their work includes project management, on-site project assessment, team leading, project promotion, and development of training facilities that will carry the gospel to the nations. They have served more than 20 years as missionaries to Latin America in church planting, evangelism and building, giving them a wealth of knowledge and experience to help facilitate reaching the lost.

Our fellowship is experiencing a supernatural growth rate of up to 13,000 new churches and three-million adherents per year. Much of this is among the suffering and persecuted church. – Doug Clay, General Treasurer

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