Cuba Today!

In 2013, God placed a passion in my heart for the church in Cuba. My desire was to assist them in the building of their churches as the Holy Spirit empowers them to reach the lost. It’s been an amazing phenomena that cannot be explained in human terms, yet it is happening. In April the Confidence in God Church in Havana Cuba will have a public dedication. This has been a 15 year work in progress, from permits to building.

Joe Crew writes. . . Even though the building is not 100% complete, Pastor Moises had this service on Sunday evening, December 28th, in the Confidence in God Church, Havana, Cuba. Over 800 from around the community were in attendance with 60 conversions. Praise The Lord!

Thanks to the dedication of the church in Cuba, the partnership of US teams, and generous donations, a miracle has taken place! What a privilege to be a part of this historic making project! To God be all the glory! 



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