Our Family Is Growing!

The Lord blessed us this March with a beautiful new daughter-in-law, Stephanie Kahn Sims! Nathaniel and Stephanie reside in Orlando, FL and are currently on staff at Resound Missions Base.

IMG_3441 22

STEPHANIE SIMS is the Assistant Director of Resound Missions Base, oversees Resound Summer Sessions, and Outreach Orlando. She grew up in church most of her life and served in various ministries for several years, yet she felt that there was more to God than she was experiencing and living. God answered the cry of her heart for more of Him. After graduating from University in the Philippines, she came to America on what would turn out to be the best adventure of her life. It was here that she attended Resound School of Ministry and found what she was looking for a deeper relationship with God and a life set on fire. After graduation from Resound School, Stephanie joined Resound’s full-time staff. Stephanie is committed to raising up those who are called to faithfully minister to the Lord through prayer, community, studying the word and outreach.


Married March 21, 2015!  We are so pleased to have Stephanie as part of our family. Nate continues to travel worldwide telling the story through videography and photography, shooting for Speed The Light, Global University, Builders International, and other ministries bring awareness to missions. Stephanie is currently the Assistant Director of Avant, a medical staffing company.

Photo Mar 28, 8 20 01 PM

It’s official, their engaged! July 2, 2016 we will be celebrating again the marriage of Ethan and Meghan! Meghan is graduating in 2017 with a Physics degree and Electrical Engineer degree from MSU. Ethan graduates this year with a Criminal Justice degree and is pursuing a career with the FBI in a forensic crime lab.

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