Helping Hands In The Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI)¬†are two groups of islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of the Bahamas, northwest of Puerto Rico and north of Haiti. They’re are eight main islands and 299 smaller islands. TCI is a part of the Commonwealth of England so, when you arrive you will find everyone driving on the wrong side of the road.ūüė䬆The extreme beauty of the islands has brought a rapid growth in tourism.

On the island of Providenciales, many migrant workers have come from the surrounding countries in¬†the Caribbean in search of work. Many Haitian’s came at the time of the 2010 earthquake. Pastor Bradley of Community Fellowship Center¬†had a vision and a plan to see¬†the people coming to the shores of Turks and Caicos Islands reached for Christ.


The family roots of Pastor Bradley go back for generations in the TCI. If you travel with him, it’s not long before you realize everybody on the island knows him. His influence has helped establish the civil laws for the TCI and brought education opportunities. When you hear the testimony of how God moved in his father’s life, it’s evident God began something years ago to establish him in a key place of bringing hope to many nations in the islands.

The Sunday we shared with Community Fellow Center, thirteen countries were recognized and celebrated as a part of the church. We had the privilege of tasting authentic food from every nation so proudly represented! We were honored to pray with the first appointed female governess (Premier) over Turks and Caicos.

Monday morning the work began as the team laid block for the new bathrooms that will serve the 200 children in the elementary school and the Caribbean School of Theology.

A97I7742Hurricane Harvey did its damage throughout the islands in August of 2017. We finished painting the main sanctuary ceiling of the new roof. Additional plans where then made to complete the new Creole church currently reaching out to 200 members. Many of these families arrived in Providenciales in search of relief and hope, leaving loved ones behind. I am grateful to have been a small part of this trip in helping further the work of Community Fellowship Center.


MY TESTIMONY – ¬†It’d been some time sense I’d had the opportunity to travel on a work team with John. I wasn’t sure what I would be useful for. To my amazement the opportunities to serve were endless. Meal prep, painting, serving water, shoveling mortar, moving chairs, playing with children, praying with and encouraging ladies, and much more. But even in the midst of the sweet fellowship and team work, God lets you know He see the troubles you carry deep in your heart. One day I’d finished preparing the lunch with Pastor Rachael. I said good-bye and left, only to realize I’d left my backpack in the school lunch room. When I returned, Pastor Rachael responded with enthusiasm. She asked about my health and said God had told her to pray for me. We shared a great time of prayer and dreams. God always knows!


  • NORTH TEXAS TEAM –¬†Three churches joined together to make up a team of four pastors and wives, a plumber, general contractor, two teachers and a military veteran.¬†
  • THANKFUL – We are so thankful for everyone of them. They made a difference!
  • AND. . . one photographer/videographer!



Ethan and Meghan Sims’s Wedding


The moment finally came to celebrate the beginning of Ethan and Meghan’s journey to becoming husband and wife. An enchanting moment when a man and a woman become one. It was a moment we all met with great anticipation!

John was given the honor of performing the wedding vows! I fought tears of joy, with a heart full of gratitude, memories of the past, and dreams for the future. It was time to share a son, but to also gain a daughter!


We have prayed over the years for both sons, that God would bring them HIS choice for a spouse. July 2 our prayers were answered as Meghan walked down the aisle to meet Ethan.


I DO . . .  I DO!




I had my moment too!


And they had their dance!!!!!


THE END of the celebration and the beginning of a journey of marriage and love!


How did we come to this blessed day? As John and I pursued the calling God¬†placed in our hearts years ago, never did we imagen the plans He¬†had to include into our family two amazing women, Stephanie (Nate’s wife) and Meghan (Ethan’s) wife. I am so grateful for every miracle God has done in my health. I am so grateful¬†for my sons, who love God first and then their families. Most of all I am grateful for my husband who has walked life’s journey with me through better or worse, richer or poor, and sickness or health. He as continually¬†loved me! He has faithfully loved the Lord! And here is¬†OUR FAMILY!


Our Family Is Growing!

The Lord blessed us this March with a beautiful new daughter-in-law, Stephanie Kahn Sims! Nathaniel and Stephanie reside in Orlando, FL and are currently on staff at Resound Missions Base.

IMG_3441 22

STEPHANIE SIMS is the Assistant Director of Resound Missions Base, oversees Resound Summer Sessions, and Outreach Orlando. She grew up in church most of her life and served in various ministries for several years, yet she felt that there was more to God than she was experiencing and living. God answered the cry of her heart for more of Him. After graduating from University in the Philippines, she came to America on what would turn out to be the best adventure of her life. It was here that she attended Resound School of Ministry and found what she was looking for a deeper relationship with God and a life set on fire. After graduation from Resound School, Stephanie joined Resound’s full-time staff. Stephanie is committed to raising up those who are called to faithfully minister to the Lord through prayer, community, studying the word and outreach.


Married March 21, 2015!  We are so pleased to have Stephanie as part of our family. Nate continues to travel worldwide telling the story through videography and photography, shooting for Speed The Light, Global University, Builders International, and other ministries bring awareness to missions. Stephanie is currently the Assistant Director of Avant, a medical staffing company.

Photo Mar 28, 8 20 01 PM

It’s official, their engaged! July 2, 2016 we will be celebrating again the marriage of Ethan and Meghan! Meghan is graduating in 2017 with a Physics degree and Electrical Engineer degree from MSU. Ethan graduates this year with a Criminal Justice degree and is pursuing a career with the FBI in a forensic crime lab.

Skills for Christ


Short Bio: Our son Nate graduated from Evangel University in 2006. In the years to follow, he began working for Bass Pro as a photographer/videographer. He donated some of his time to Builders International, using his skills to bring project awareness to the needs. As his heart grew towards missions work, God began to open phenomenal opportunities to serve in missions.

Recently, his work in videography took him to the country of Cuba, where he filmed the graduates of Global School of Theology! This year Nate has traveled to forty different countries, filming the untold stories for Light For The Lost and Africa’s Hope! He is the founder, owner and CEO of Rushing Water Media Co. God has direct him on such an incredible journey, where he is able to use his skill for God’s glory!